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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I overate today both lunch and dinner that I feel awful and bloated. I shouldn’t have ordered lunch and when I did and I didn’t need to order as much food. I also ordered a dessert as well with lunch and man it was not needed. I wasn’t able to finish my dinner because I am so full. I still of my lunch today for tomorrow but it will be more of a snack I think but I need to start saving my money instead of spending it all on take out. I do have some really good food here in the home that I could be using to make my lunches but I am not doing it.

All I can think about recently is just how much weight I could loose and money I could save if I stopped ordering take out. Sad part is, is that I could be saving so much money that I could be spending it on other things that I could have in my life. Well I don’t honestly need that much in my life but I could have more. Even if it is in the bank.

I definitely do not know the purpose of why I am eating out just that I can, I do not have enough produce to consume and my paunch is really paying for all of the food that I am eating.

At least because I have overeaten at lunch and dinner that I do not have the space to snack and that I am taking the time to eat the meals and not slowly over a while, but the down side is, is that I am inhaling my food in five minutes which could be the reason why my belly feels so awfully stuffed.

What lessons have I learned today?

1. To eat slower

2. To eat less food

3. To not order food

4. To be eating enough food that makes me feel full for a really long time

5. To prepare my meals at home

6. To purposefully produce the reason why I am eating to affect my paunch in a good way

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