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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well I have over eaten again today. I got some take out for lunch, over ordered so I over ate and now I am getting take out for supper, going to get a dessert from that as well which I will most likely devour tonight in almost one sitting. I have eaten to close together as well. Food is my enemy. My heart was giving me a hard time after I have devoured my lunch which like always I ate to quickly on.

I have eaten way to much. I am happy that I will not be ordering in food for the next week while I am taking a vacation and I hope that I don’t continue to order food when I return. I do need a hard reset I think from what I have been doing. It is much deserved.

I feel like I need to do a fast. Well I will be drinking tea and maybe some pop but really honestly other then tea, and water I don’t think I will need to be consuming anything else just to give my heart a rest and to help heal my gut.

Well I ate to much today and my belly is really feeling the pain. I hope that I can be able to deal with it better. I know that I shouldn’t be doing something better about it tomorrow well it is all about what I can do about it today that will make it a lot better but I can’t do anything about something that I have already eaten.

I guess I can learn to know this feeling and how I don’t want to be able to overeat all day or any day at all. I mean I do want to snack because it is sugary and sugar so addictive that I want to do it. I have over done it on sugar for sure.

I can do better. I need to be better.

I need to learn why I am always going to food, why I overeat and why I want to be able to do things with food. Understanding is always the key thing to know.

i need to find the purpose of why I am eating, and produce the reason why i am eating.

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