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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well, I ordered food today knowing that I have tomorrow and the next week off I am hoping that I can reset how I eat lunch when I am at work.

I over ordered on my order this time and it was fantastic. I got an eggs benny and a drink. I overeaten and I ate it way to fast. I always inhale my food. I need to work on eating my food more slowly. No one is going to take my food away from me. If I don’t eat my food in a certain amount of time nothing is going to happen to me.

It was nice to have a good hot meal at lunch but I wish I didn’t always have to eat so much food. But it is vacation time so I can take the time off to reassess and make new standards for myself.

I do want to be eating more whole and clean products. I don’t really eat a lot of processed food, but I do eat some processed food which isn’t always great but at least it isn’t like it was a few months ago where it was pretty much all processed food that was coming out of a package.

I would like to be more aware of the food that I am eating and be more conscious about it. I guess what is it that I really want to be eating like?

1. I want to be eating less

2. I want to be eating more slowly

3. I want to be eating more wholly

4. I want to be eating more clean

5. I would like not to snack

6. I would like to have more produce

7. I would like to be able to know the purpose of what I am eating so I can have produce or something that isn’t going to make my paunch go crazy

8. I would like to not have sugary caffeinated drinks as well

9. To cut back on my caffeine intake

Maybe I should looking into everyday reading a food statement or making a few food goals that I would like to follow and focus on those few things that day so that why it doesn’t feel so overwhelming it is just a few things that I can focus on that particular day.

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