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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Again for yet another day I have over eaten. Well it is more like I have eaten to much in a small amount of time that I feel sick, like I am going to get sick for eating so much. A part of it could be that what I ate is bothering my belly. What it was is kind of disgusting but I still ate it anyways.

Well some of what I have eaten today is produce so it is something that I have eat well just that I don’t need to be eating at all and I shouldn’t have eaten anything at all.

I hope when we have dinner that it will be something small and more nutritious.

I need to be able to be thinking about my body, food that I am consuming, entertainment value and the society aspects of it.


I need to be able to be able to focus in and know that it is something that I shouldn’t be eating. I need to cut back on my calories and the amount that I eat. I don’t want to limit what or how often because every time that I do I tend to over eat in a bad way.

I need to remember that the amount of what I am eating makes me feel sick and I don’t know how it makes me feel. If I don’t like how it makes me feel so bloated then I need to stop.


A lot of the time that I have eaten today is was because someone was watching tv and I was watching TV while I was eating. Due to watching TV while I was eating I ended up eating way to fast just so I could get back to the program at hand. When I eat I should be focusing on what I am eating like eating slower, taking smaller bites and knowing that it is ok if I don’t finish the entire plate.


Now that I am on vacation and I have some extra time on my hands, I think I should start going out for walks first thing in the morning. If it works out well hopefully I could continue to do it after my vacation ends.


My body is feeling so gross because I have eaten to much and feels kind of sick because of it.

I should listen to my body about whether I am hungry or not and to not listen to my head when it comes to eating.

When going up the stairs to my building today I lost my breath and that isn’t ok so getting some exercise would be able to go out for my walks in the morning.


I want people to look at me in a better light, I would like it if I actually felt better for my body and others would see it as well.

I am not the idealistic body shape and type that society says it should be but I should aim for that as I don’t believe that how I look should be the way I should look.

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