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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well it is all about thinking about the food that you are eating, how it affects your body, the purpose of why you are eating, how the value of it really does affect you, and are you really eating because of some other reason.

Food should give you nourishment and nothing else. I know that you should always be doing something that gives you flue and no other reason. Just because you think about it doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

Things that I need to work on today is:

1. Eat with intention

2. Eat slower

3. Take smaller bites

4. No snacking or grazing on food

My new ambition is to really think about food, entertainment, exercise, body and society and here is why.


I really need to be able to think about food, why am I really eating? what is the purpose of the food that I am eating? What is the purpose of the food that I want to be eating? What value does the food that I am eating bring to my body specifically? Food is really important and it can bring you lots of value or it can bring you lots of sadness.


Food is not entertainment. Just because someone else is eating or someone on the TV is eating doesn’t mean that I have to eat as well. I shouldn’t be eating so quickly just to get back ot the TV program that I am watching or to get back to the program.

I should always be focusing on the food that I am eating.


Exercise is something that everyone and not just me should be doing at all times. It isn’t something that should be left behind or forgotten about. It should be something that I should be doing and working in on and implementing on my daily schedule. It is something that is definitely something worth while


I should always be thinking about my body and how it affects me. I don’t want certain parts of my body to be in existence which is why I have to work on what I am eating so I will be able to work on my body to have it look that way that I want it to look.


If I agree with what the societal view of what the perfect body is then I should be doing something about it to make sure that I am working towards having that perfect body as well.

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