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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

Well, not going into a specific store despite having a list but I ended up walking out with lots of snacks.

I ended up getting some snacks, walking out with even more snacks, not that I intentionally went into the store for snacks in the first place and I didn’t even need the snacks in the first place.

I ended up gorging on them. I am not hungry now, but I feel like I am in desperate need of some actual food that is snack worthy.

I just need to learn not to go into the store for snacks as I do not need them. I need to know and understand why I do not want to be eating these snacks and constantly be reminding myself of those reasons as to why I don’t want snacks then to them proceed to never get snacks whenever I am going into the stores to get any.

I should be focusing on good, whole food and really are in a meal form and not in a snack form and here is why.


I need to have a better relationship with it and know that I shouldn’t be going and getting snacks, I don’t need snacks.

I want to focus on getting good whole food that is better for my body.

I want to be eating meals.


Because I was watching some TV well a podcast, I knew that I was going to be in front of the TV for some time, so I ended up mindless eating.

I shouldn’t be eating because I am focused on something different or because I am bored, and I want the time to be going by faster.


I did go o9ut for a walk today which is good for me but it doesn’t compare to the mass amount of calories that I have eaten already eaten. I will have to watch that more due to what goes in must come out. If I am not going to be working, it off then I shouldn’t be dealing with it.


My body is feeling the pain that I have for eating all of the sugar and the lack of exercise. I have some weak ankles that I need to make stronger especially if I want to be going out for some more walks which is honestly how I can make them stronger.

My belly has definitely felt the downfall for the snacking that I have done, and I should be focusing on that.


Yep, I am what most people are thinking of me, I am the stereotype. I am lazy, I don’t do enough for my body. I am obese, overweight, overeat and eat everything that is wrong.

I may want that snickers bar, but I also want to go to Disney Land, so the long term want outweighs the long term want.

Food is something that I should just not turn my brain off over and not be able to think what I am doing. I need to be more aware of what I am doing when I am in the moment. Food is something that I need to be thinking more long term about.

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