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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I had a second dinner tonight which wasn’t a good choice and I also bought a second lunch as well but I didn’t eat the entire brownie because I wasn’t hungry and felling it anymore but I think I am addicted to spending money. I don’t have the money to spend as I am saving up for more bookshelves and a vacation. I am honestly spending most of my income on food and my waistline certainly does show it. If I want to loose weight then I have to change how I eat so it will show.

I did bring an apple and some veggies to have at lunch and we did have some steamed veggies for supper so I can’t say that I ate horrible, it was more on the healthier side which is nice. I was in need for something like for dinner, I did enjoy it.

I need to focus on the purpose of what I am eating.

I was thinking today that why does social and family events have to centre around food? Why can’t the event be just for all of us to hang out? Why does food have to be involved?

I find that food is such a main focus on everything and that it shouldn’t be like that. We should be able to be around folks and that should be enough. Why do we need to add more?

Everyone has different food requirements as well and I feel that at times you cater to the 1% of people with those food requirements instead of the mass and when you do cater to the mass the 1% goes hungry, it really isn’t a fair.

Food in my opinion shouldn’t be the main focal point of events, it should be the comradery of the people that you are with.

Food is not a punishment or a crime so it shouldn’t be what is focused on is what I am trying to say[ES1] .

The lesson that I have learned today about food is that it is ok not to purchase food, wait until I get home to eat as well as if I know that I am gorge on a type of food, then don’t keep it in the house for me to gorge on.