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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I ended up having some lunch and a snack tonight, but I will be having some dinner later as a bit of a treat today.

I shouldn’t have had that snack as it was pure sugar. I overate my lunch as it was three pieces of toast with a large amount of spread on it. I don’t need any dinner but I know that I will have to be sure to be able to less, but I don’t think it will be.

I need to be focusing on the why I want to lose and maintain a certain body weight. Why do I want to lose weight and maintain a certain body weight?


I want to have a better relationship with food. I don’t want to have any cravings for food and if I do, I don’t want to act on it. I want to have think about the future of the day and to be able to save calories for later on in the day and if I don’t use them all up then that is alright. I just don’t want to be eating that much in a day at all and what I do happen to eat that I want to have it be as nutritious and whole as I can possibly make it.


Just because people on TV are eating doesn’t mean that I need to be eating as well.

Food isn’t a punishment or a reward so I shouldn’t be looking at food as being a treat or a reward, not to say that I don’t deserve a reward for something, but I should be looking to have a reward as being something else like a new book or something that is equally as likeable.


I went out for a walk first thing this morning and it was worth it; I should be able to try and uphold it for most of the week or so I home now. Going out for walks isn’t something that should fade away, it should be something that I continue to do.


I don’t how my thighs look so I should be doing something about it and that is to really focus on a better diet and exercise that supports it.

I also don’t like how big my belly is so I do need to be working on that.

I believe that my diet has more to do with my weight then exercise but they do in a way go hand and hand.


I don’t want to run into anyone in my past life and want them to see me at this weight. I do know that how ugly people can be towards people my size. I don’t want to be able to open myself up for judgment due to my weight.

I think that I should look a certain way so I should work on looking like that.

Lessons that I have learned today:

1. Continue to go out for walks for exercise

2. Stop snacking

3. Have smaller meals

4. Take smaller bites

5. Eat more wholly