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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I have been thinking about changing up the name of this vlog and the construct of this blog pieces as well.

I was thinking of mainly sticking to the top reasons why I am wanting to lose and maintain a specific bodyweight by focusing on these five categories, food, entertainment, exercise, body and society as well as a few goals that I would like to be focusing on. I am finding that purpose, produce and paunch has loosed its meaning for me, and I am thinking of updating the name of this blog to something that is more current like control conscious consistent consumer, but it is a work in progress at the moment.

As for the timing of this blog, I will still up posting almost every night at 10pm but I am hoping to be able to have this written more in the morning so I can my health goals freshly thought out first thing in the morning and I can hopefully better plan out the way that I want to be eating and living my whole healthy life through out the day versus at night after the day is through and I have already made a lot of eating mistakes and have overeaten. It is hard to remember the next day what you would like to be doing the next day after writing this.

To kick things off the reasons why I can’t to be living a healthier life is:


I want to have a better relationship with food. I don’t want to be getting up and eating everything that I think of, I don’t want to eat because I am bored or eat my feelings or eat because people on the TV are eating.

I want to always be eating whole healthy food that is going to be adding to my body and overall health


I want to be eating with a purpose and am wanting to be able to eat more slower and able to at without having to do it because of the TV


I want to be able to go out for walks as often as I can.


My body is worth the change that I want it to have. I am in control of what I consume so I want my body to reflect the kind of person that I am.


I believe that there is a reason why stereotypes are the way that they are and I want to be in my opinion a better stereotype.

Goals that I would like to focus on for today.

1. Eat slower

2. Take smaller bites

3. Eat less food

4. Limited snacking

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