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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I brought my lunch today to see if that would help me with my weight loss and hunger level while at work.

It didn’t.

I over packed my lunch for one, I cut up my apple at home and when I went to eat it, it was soggy and not good so I had to throw it out. I had some cherries but some were touching the apple and went bad with the apple then I had some nuts and raisins which were good but I started to eat that to early in the day and I wasn’t paying attention to my work just the fact that I wanted the sugar off of the peanuts. I had some veggies which was nice but I think ultimately I just ended up bringing way to much food and eating it way to early.

I ended up getting some fries at lunch from a vendor in the building which I put way to much salt on them which is something that I know that I do, do.

I need to learn that there is one mealtime and no snacks. I need to wait until a certain time, in the day to eat. I can try again tomorrow and there is a bunch of food choices that I can make at home but I think I will just have to be more selective of how I make my food.

I know that I want to be eat less food in a day. I have drank enough water and I have made a tea for myself which is nice. I will not be bring this much food to work tomorrow.

I think when I will get home I will be making more tea for myself as well as only having dinner.

I should make an agreement with myself that I will only have 2 meals a day and that is it. I need to be done with this snacking and secrete eating. I know snacking is a problem for me and I am not doing anything about it as well as my secrete eating isn’t exactly a secrete anymore as my waistline keeps getting bigger.

I would like to stop the bloating as well as the heaving feeling that I get after some meals and at the end of the day due to overeating. I know the foods that I want to be eating and what I don’t want to be doing and what to avoid to keep my skip from breaking out and becoming red and puffy, I just need to act on it. I will never have to stop caring about that goes into my body.

At some point, I hope it will become more second nature to only have 2 meals a day with no snacks and my meals will be very produce heavy.

The reason why I am doing this so I can keep weight off, have my skin be clear, have my belly (paunch) feel wonderful and for myself to have more energy and to feel better about myself knowing that what I am putting into my body is what is good for me and my over all health.

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