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Purpose, Produce and Paunch

I treated myself to some lunch today. It was so big and filling that I am not hungry anymore. That was the only meal that I had today. I did snack on two banana’s, 2 apple’s and a small baggie of carrots though which is also adding to my waist line.

I need to learn that yes, produce is good but it is not an excuse to keep eating. I need to choose one or the other. I did have so much produce that I didn’t need to order in lunch but I did anyways.

Because I ate so much I am over stuffed and the feeling of being full is great but I don’t remember the last time I felt hungry though especially at home. I can’t remember when I actually wanted to have dinner.

I know I am very privileged where I can order food and that I have lots of food to eat. I know that this weekend is going to be another weekend where I am going to be eating out a lot because there is a food festival happening in the park close to us where we will most likely get some food there. Honestly right now I just want some ice cream and French fries. We will most likely get a lemonade as well which will be tasty.

Food is a struggle for me. I constantly overeat and don’t think about the end of the day when I do feel overly full because I ate to much food and that I live with someone who I enjoy eating food with as well.

I want to be eating with my partner as much as I can without overdoing it with what I am eating.

The lessons that I have learned today:

1. To be more conscious of what I am eating

2. To be more conscious of the food that I am in taking so I can stop eating as much

3. To eat less then what I am eating now so I can be eating with my partner when I get home from work

4. To not eat until I am full so I don’t feel overly full later

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