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Purpose, Produce & Paunch

I did have a big lunch today and it was good, it was more on the nutritious side. I decided to be sure to act on the ‘rules’ that I want to be living by not having any dairy as well as no meat. I had some cauliflower. The next time I will get the same sandwich again but I would get a second side.

I had a cauliflower sandwich and it was really good, it was a buffalo deep fried cauliflower, I am not sure why I do enjoy buffalo cauliflower but I do. I am actually into cauliflower at the moment, to add to it, it is cooked cauliflower and not prepared. I enjoy a cauliflower mash as well as cauliflower with a cheese marinade. It is a good sign that I am into vegetables.

I never thought it was going to be true and true for me but the more you have fruit and vegetables, the more you start to crave it and want to consume it.

I am forcing myself not to have a snack at the moment because I am not hungry for one but I do want to work for my sweet treat. I do not need any sweet treats at all but I do feel like I need to try. I should be working towards reaching for produce and not sugar but I have done a lot of work this evening, despite that I usually do this amount of work every Friday so it shouldn’t be that much of extra effort to begin with.

Everyday is day one and not one day. Each day represents something new and I have to treat it as such.

Each day I need to go over what my ‘rules’ are and why I am wanting to eat well.

I want to eat well, because I don’t like the way that I look like at the moment, I don’t like how hard it is to do something now because my belly and upper arms are at the moment. I don’t like how my pants fit me. I don’t like how my belly feels after a big, heavy meal. I do actually miss what it feels like to be hungry.

The lessons that I have learned today is to keep going for produce and to eat my lightly so I don’t feel heavy or bloated in the afternoon and evening.

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