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Purpose, Produce & Paunch

Sometimes it is good to re-watch views about health and nutrition to reiterate what you need to hear in life.

I honestly have an all or nothing type of attitude which I need to change. I find that I also have the one day instead of day one attitude as well.

I am finding that I will make one mistake and then I will throw caution to the wind and continue to pig out. I have heard several times over, that if you limit yourself to the all of nothing type of attitude or keep putting up barriers for yourself then you are more likely to binge eat. I binge eat a lot. Binge eating disorder or BED is something that can be worked on but it is at a side of a scale that I don’t want to be on and would prefer to never come back to this side ever again.

I am currently working on some cognitive ways to better suit my lifestyle so I will be able to become the eater that I would like to become.

For example once I come back from a walk I would like to have an apple, once I come home from work I would like to snack on some peppers. I would like to also get enough sleep. I have read that if you don’t get enough sleep in a night, your body will produce more ghrelin (your hungry hormone) which will make you crave sugar. If you are craving sugar in the morning, it is easy to add sugar to your coffee/tea and potentially get a snack as well. I just need to act on my new goals that I have.

I have also introduce new teas both hot and cold ones into my diet as well as a newer, cooler drinking cup at work with water flavour drops at home and at work to help make sure that I am getting enough fluid into my body. It is important to get enough water in not just to help make my skin stay clear and hydrated but it is the summer and we are in the middle of a heat wave so making sure that I am getting more then enough water into my body is exactly what I need to be doing.

A trick that I always try to do for myself is to let myself know whenever I am craving sugar that I can have that sugary item only after I have some produce, and if I am still hungry I can have it. Or I am trying to make myself work for it, that I have to do some chores or other work before I am able to have it. I don’t like saying no to myself, I find that you can always have a piece of chocolate daily but doing that means that you need to not have dessert later or that you can’t have as much at dinner. Portion control is very helpful. Eating slower as well and drinking water before you start and during your meal so that you can feel fuller fast with out over eating.

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