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Purpose, Produce & Paunch

I have done somewhat well today. I didn’t buy a donut when I purchased my coffee and I got a ¼ chicken instead of a ½ chicken at the festival for lunch. I made sure to eat it ever slow as well as it felt more filling. I did have some Oreo’s beyond my better judgment to do so but I have to make sure that, that is it for me. I am going to be having dinner later so I need to have room for that.

I need to learn to only when I am hungry and not just because I can eat or that I can eat because it is there. I need to ask myself the purpose of why and eating and if I need to eat I have plenty of produce around to make sure that I can and do eat.

I am going out for a walk that all together should be about two hours from beginning to end which should be a good way to get out of the house and get some exercise. The walk shouldn’t be to overwhelming as I don’t take to the heat very well so I need to make sure that I am not over doing it. If it was up to me I wouldn’t be going out until after 8pm maybe even 8:30pm but this is a group event so 7pm it is!

It is nice to get outside and be with some friends. Now that things are opening up again it is nice to get out and to do something.

I got more produce today which is nice to have for something for next week’s lunches. I just need to make sure that I am focusing on eating less. Less is more. I need to become more of a minimalist when it comes to food.

I am happy that I am getting outside for walks again. I can’t wait for the fall when I can actually start going out for walks more often. It is way to hot most of the time to do it today.

Lessons that I need to learn today:

1. I need to listen to my body. If I am hungry then I can eat. If I require to eat then I must reach for produce

2. Be a minimalist when it comes to food.

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