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Purpose, Produce & Paunch

It is the start of another day. I luckily have the day off work. I have another day of challenge for me regarding food.

Something that I have learned this weekend is that, if I start to have sugar then I don’t want to stop having sugar. I don’t just want four cookies, I want to have ten cookies. If I don’t start eating them, then I don’t want to continue on eating them I don’t think.

I want to hold off on breaking the fast as long as I can. I think I might go out for a coffee as it is a day off and I was startled out of bed this morning. I don’t think I will get myself a treat as I do not need one. The coffee is the treat within it’s self.

I will have to fill my day with lots of fun activities that are not representing my eating, wanting to eat. I find that with what I consume sometimes that if the people are eating it makes me want to eat as well despite not really wanting or really hungry. Because of this and the fact that I actually, honestly have something better to be doing, I should be filling my days with something that is far better then consuming media. I should be creating my own media to consume!

Honestly, I feel like I should be going out for a walk but it is mid day and it is to hot for me to handle. As we are in the last month of summer and the heat waves are over, or so I am hoping (and that I am not jinxing it by saying this) but I am hoping that I am able to go out for more walks and am able to get some more time outside. I am hoping that I will get somewhat of a tan and not a burn either. I honestly look like I spend a lot of time indoors.

The two thing that I want to be learn today is that:

1. Hold off on ‘breaking the fast’ for as long as I can

2. Just don’t have a cookie because as soon as I do, it will be to hard to stop

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