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Reading & Going Away

I haven’t done a lot of reading this week or at least I have done some reading, just only finished one book.

I finished reading The Return of Ellie Black by Emiko Jean.  It is a thriller, and it was a great book that I would suggest reading.

The Return of Ellie Black is about Ellie Black returning or being found by Detective Chelsea. Chelsea goes through the case files to determine what happened 2 years ago when Ellie disappeared and what has happened for her to come back now.  There are chapters sprinkled in that are from Ellie’s perspective of when she was held captive.

I didn’t really anticipate or see the ending which is nice and good.  I am happy that I read this book, and I did like the surprise ending.

I have done a lot of reading this week, but I haven’t had the time or real interest in finishing a book.  I plan on finishing one this week, but that is stereotypical of me to at least for the very least to finish one book.  I think the main thing is, is to read which I think I am doing.

I went away for the weekend and didn’t end up doing any reading, but I did see a comedian which was funny.  Sometimes you just need to get away and it is just nice to be able to get away.  I ended my weekend with a slip and fall which kind of sucks, but it is what it is.  I am walking still, stiff but walking.  I am very lucky that I didn’t break anything!

I am going to close this blog out by now as I don’t have much more to say.  I didn’t do much this week with reading, I did go out for a walk for some exercise and had a few meetings, but that is pretty much it for me.

I am happy to be alive and that I was able to get away and to go see a comedian with some friends!  I hope that you have an enjoyable week and I’ll write then.


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