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Reminiscence came out in 2021 staring Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton and Cliff Curtis.

The movie takes place in the future were Miami specifically but most of the United States is under water. After the waves came the war started, now we have a mismatch society where it is all about having the high ground latterly.

Nick Bannister runs an office where you relive your memories. Reliving your memories is the best thing you can do for yourself as your present and your future doesn’t have much in it that you must look forward to. The machine that helps you remember your memories was once used for interrogation but is now only used to let people remember what life used to be like. If you use the machine to much and revisit the same memory you could find that you are in an endless loop.

Nick has a friend Emily ‘Watts’ Sanders how helps him run the place. Together they make a great team.

One day Mae comes in stating that she has lost her keys and would like to use the machine to help locate them. Nick and Watts do help her.

Nick and Mae become involved when suddenly Mae just ups and leaves without a word or trace. Nick knows that she just wouldn’t leave.

For the rest of the movie Nick goes on a hunt to find Mae but really finds out who Mae is.

Mae (a former drug addict) was working with Cyrus Boothe who was hired by a wealthy son to kill a woman and child. You see this son, his father died but before he died, he let him know that he had an affair and a child become of that affair and he wanted his money to be split between them. The son didn’t want to share the fortune so wanted both the mother and child dead.

The only loose end was that this woman would come to Nick’s ‘clinic’ to revisit the memories she had when she was happy having the affair. Nick was the only one who had these memories on discs and these memory discs needed to be destroyed.

Nick was in love with Mae which grew into anger then back into love when he found out what was really going on. Of course, he was angry when he realized that he was a mark. Mae used Nick to get the memory discs.

At the ultimate end, Mae to save herself from letting Boothe know where the child was killed herself. Nick had to figure this out by accessing Boothe’s memories.

By the end of the movie all of those who deserved to be put in jail did and Nick got his questions answered as to why and where Mae was.

Emily Sanders ends up finding her daughter and granddaughter and starts having a future with them were Nick ends up going back into the Reminiscence chamber to continuously relive the memories that he has of Mae.

The movie begs the question that if we are the ghosts of our past. Can we not just forget about that is happening to us that we live our lives haunted by what was happened. Does a future really exist if we are haunted by our days past.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. it is a good memory movie that is not like any other. I will definitely watch this movie in the future.


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