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Remote Work

Remote work is a thing that is very present in our society, and I think is going to be around for a very long time.

I personally have never worked remotely in a way, but I have done some contract work that I did do from home, so it sort of the same thing.

I find that that due to the pandemic there will always be some homes that will be remote from here on out, but I find that most places are doing a hybrid model.

I for one always like going into work and I do not think that is going to change for me. Even if I was working a job where I could work from home, I find that I would at times for to the public library or to a coffee shop potentially to get some work done just to make sure that I was getting out of the house more often then not.

I know that I can be disciplined when I want to be so getting work done isn’t going to be an issue for me and I know that I can get the work done.

How do you fair with working remotely? How often would you go into the office if you could go into the office? Do you like working form home? Which do you prefer, working from home at working at the office?

I do appreciate working and I find that there isn’t a way around not working, yet but the dream would be to make my hard work that I do now to consistently pay me in the future.

These are different times and I find that there are always different opportunities for everyone to use and to be sure that they can work for everyone.

I would find that it would be interesting, and I wonder how many people this have done but instead of working in your home to go and work somewhere that is more of a vacation setting.

It would be nice at be working somewhere abroad that would make it more idealistic to be working which would be wonderful to be in.

Work is a necessary evil, but it does give you something to do with your day. Even if I had virtually nothing to do, I would create something for me to do so it would be like I had a job even though I didn’t. Keeping yourself busy, keeps your mind active and your brain working.

How remote would you go to work? Would you want to do a job that is on a more remote setting? Would you want to travel? How wonderful would it be to go and travel? Do you like to travel? How often would you go and travel?

Do you like the job that you are in? Have you changed jobs recently? Would you change jobs and move if it meant that you could work somewhere in a warmer climate? How often do you use your remote work function at work if you have one?


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