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Revisiting Old Prospects

When looking for a job, make sure to keep your options open. There may be opportunities that you may never have considered before. You may want to reapply for a position that you once did but never asked to come in for an interview.

I think that it is best to always keep track of the positions that you apply to. The last thing you want when you get a phone call for a potential interview is to sound like you have no idea what is actually going on and well forget that you actually applied to them. You always want to sound as professional as you can and to make sure that you are representing yourself in a way that best suits what you are going for.

Keeping a chart is ideal in my opinion and is what I use to help keep track of all the positions that I apply to. I have a column for comments where I write down everything that is and may become prevalent to the position in the future in case I need to reference in the future like if I want to apply to them again in the future.

Other columns that you might want to have been:

· Date

· Company Name

· Position Title

· Contact Name

· Address, fax, phone, email, and website for a company

· Comments/description on the job or company

· How you applied

· Date of a prescreening phone call, interview, callbacks, and job fulfillment dates and comments

There are some companies that are worth going back to and those that are not. You always want to make sure that you are leaving comments to those so that way if you want to go back and see you can.

You might have never considered doing a customer service position before but now it might be a new change of pace that might be best or better suited for your current lifestyle. You might have never considered working in an office before but now try it out to see if it works for you. There might be an industry that you might not have considered before or an industry that you didn’t know existed that you might want to look at, like being a waiter/waitress, journeyman, a trade, fast food or retail.

Never give up on opportunities that are out there, you might find something in if for you that you want to try out!


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