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Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road came out in 2008 staring Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kathy Bates. After 10 years these actors are back together in this drama.

The movie is about Frank and April Wheeler who get married and seem to have the perfect life on Revolutionary Road. Everyone loves them and thinks that they are the most perfect couple in the world. The movie takes place in the mid 50’s where times were a bit different, and you are to do what you should do and not ant to you want to do.

Frank is stuck at a job which he hates, April is stuck at home being a housewife and they are sick and tired of their lives. They decide that they want to go to Paris to live, where everyone there is living life to the fullest when Frank gets a promotion and April gets pregnant with their third child, so they decide to stay. They are both unsatisfied with each other.

After a long night and them arguing about staying there April decides to take matters into her own hands and performs an at home abortion. This is something that I never knew existed or that you could do or that I would suggest anybody to do. I hope that no one does this sort of thing at all and no one feels that they need to take matters into their own hands like this. April and the baby ends up dying because of this act that she committed.

Both Frank and April have had affairs with different people to show how they are uncomfortable with each other. Both were with people that are rather insignificant, well April’s was with their friend who is very much in live with her.

Kathy Bates’ character is the real estate agent that hooks them up with their home, who likes to brag about he lovely Wheelers who live on Revolutionary Road.

After April’s incident Frank and his two kids move to the city where Frank gets a new job. New people move into their home on Revolutionary Road and the couple friends of theirs makes friends with the new couple. It is really sad to think about, that after coming to their own realization about their relationships and how they wanted to live the life that they didn’t get to live in Paris and how April didn’t love Frank anymore and how this unborn child was the cause of them not moving to Paris and living that life. I really hope that no one feels the same way about their life and feels like they need to go to such lengths just to get away from their life. Frank really did love April and misses her after she is gone.

It is a sad drama really about a revolution in a relationship that happened to a couple.

I would recommend this movie but would suggest that you watch it with a strong heart and know that things can and will get better. You do not need to live in circumstance that you don’t like, you just have to communicate.


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