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Self-control is something that I do need to work on myself. I find that if I restrict myself to much, I guess the more I have the ‘all or nothing’ mentality the more likely I am to fail at the task at hand.

I find that it is easier to be as specific as I can regarding the issue the better it is at being successful with the task at hand. For example, I find that if I say no sugar, all I tend to do is seek out all the sugar that I can get my hands on but if I plan to have a sugary snack at a specific time then I don’t crave it as much. I for one need to cut down the amount of sugar that I do consume though.

I would say that I do have a problem with self-control as well as portion control. I guess that I have a problem with control in general!

I try and come up with different plans to help me strive to be better and always try and change things up to see what does and doesn’t work.

Sometimes I find that it is hard to go out shopping because of the impulse items at the front by the check outs as well as the impulse items that I get while walking throughout the store getting the one or two items that I do need within the store. Before I know it, all I have is a handful of snacks before I even get to the one item that I do need.

I should come up with a better plan, and that is to just get a snack for me and my partner and that is it, not one each and then another for the both of us!

How much self-control is too much self-control? Do you have self-control? Do you have a problem with self-control? What are the methods that you use to combat when you fail with self-control? Is self-control a ‘muscle’ that you can strengthen and make stronger? How good are you at making sure that you do not go overboard with to much self-control?


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