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Skills worth Marketing

You may have some skills that are worth your time to put on your cover letter or resume. These skills may be something worth getting as well as a certification or just something to have to have. Certifications Ø Health & Safety Ø CPR/First Aid Ø Lifeguard Ø Food Safety Ø LLQP (Life Licence Qualification Program)

Ø Real Estate License Ø Diplomas or degrees Ø CSC (Canadian Securities Courses) Ø CPH (Conduct and Practices Handbook Courses) Ø IRT (Investment Representative Training Program) Ø CDR (Canadian Depositary Receipts) Ø ALD (Assistive Listening Device) Ø RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada)

There is always time to improve yourself and you can always do what is available to you. Don’t ever be afraid to be ready to polish up your resume or cover letter to reflected what you are doing currently. Life is constantly evolving, and you need to stay current do don’t be afraid to keep on improving. Some resume tips are as follows:

· Come up with a few different ones · Do not be afraid to get help with this · Find key words that will help set you apart · When applying to positions try to incorporate key words that they are using in the advertisement in your cover letter

· Don’t’ ever be afraid to continuously update your resume and cover letter as things in life to change You are worth all the effort and deserve to get yourself a job that you so deserve. Make sure that you are working on making sure that you are working on getting the job that you deserve. There is always something that you can do to make sure that you are getting interviews and getting the job in which you do deserve. Networking is another way that you can market yourself as well as social media. Listed below are some social media sights that you can use to market yourself Social Media that could help with marketing yourself

· YouTube Channel · Website · Patreon · Etsy · Facebook · Linkedin · Twitter · Instagram · TicTok · Snap chat · Twitch · Pinterest · Mix · Reddit · Discord · Slack · Ebay · Affiliate links · Spoitify · Appearance fees · OBS Streaming · Stereo · Sound Cloud · Ad Sense · Merchandise · Sponsorships · Kijiji · Craigslist · Shopify


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