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Social Constructs

There are a lot of different social constructs that we must abide by in our lives. As we get older there are different ones and changes that can be made to some that we don’t have to abide by anymore.

Sometimes with certain social constructs that you don’t need to necessarily follow as an adult you might find it hard to realize that you don’t need to abide by them anymore because you have been doing them for so long that it just feels normal to you.

Certain social constructs that will always have to be followed are laws that are put in place by your local, provincial, and county governments and some are smaller like seeing family on holidays, visiting friends, and apologizing when you are in the wrong.

It is hard to imagine your life without going to some certain family functions but at the end of the day it could be worth trying new things out and maybe not going and seeing how you feel. Another thing is, is that you might want to try working from home, different opportunities for jobs or simply going back to school to see if a different job works for you.

Always try and break down barriers wherever you can and see what you can be doing to see if there is another way that you can be doing other things. Not going to a certain event once a twice is worth just seeing and knowing what will happen is worth it. You can always go back the next time it happens and talk to people who where there to see what happens.

Whether you feel or think that you must do something try to come up with a compromise or another solution as to what really needs to be happening. Do you really have to go? Do you really want to go? At what cost is going to do something? How much good or bad is going to happen because of the social construct is going to happen?

Test the waters so to speak and remember do not let yourself be persuaded into doing something that you don’t want to be doing. You are responsible for your own happiness. Do not get bullied or pressed into something that you don’t want to be doing. Just because some people jump off of a bridge doesn’t mean that you have too as well.


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