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Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home as finally come out in theatres starting Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatach, Jacob Batalon and Jon Favreau.

There is some more cross over into the Marvel universe.

The movie is quite long but is really action packed and can move along quite quickly.

Spider-Man isn’t my favourite superhero, and I am quite surprised that I actually went out and saw the movie especially in theatres, but it wasn’t too bad of a film and I feel that is saying something.

I feel that the potential of this movie not being so bad is because it does bring back the other two Spider-Man’s from the other franchises which is very awesome in a way. I feel like this was supposed to be a secret from the public but with everything else it did come out that Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield are in the movie.

This movie does deal with the multi-verse which is a lead up to the new Doctor Strange movie which is set to come out in the early months of 2022.

The point in this movie is that a lot of the villains and other spider-man’s come in from the other franchises into this universe and the spider-man’s must work together to cure the villains and send them back to their own universes. It is nice to see them all working together especially because I was the right age for some of the spider-man’s when they first came out.

Spider-man has been done repeatedly to the point where I don’t understand why they keep trying to reboot the franchise. I think that it was finally end and hopefully there will be no more spider-man movies.

Would I recommend watching this movie? Sure. I don’t think that I will be watching this movie again mainly because I don’t like spider-man, but it shouldn’t prevent anyone else to go and watch this movie. I ended up seeing this movie in the Imax theatre and I feel it sort of made the movie more worth it. I think that if you are a spider-man fan then yes please go and watch this movie, if not there is nothing wring with that.


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