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Do you have a stockpile of goods in your home? Do you think that it is a good idea to have a stockpile of items? Is it worth while or does it make sense to always have an extra one on hand just in case?

I am one of those people who does have an extra on hand and sometimes two or three extras on hand for when I need it but it does become a bit cumbersome because I do have to store it when I could potentially be using that space for something else or when I have to much of a stockpile of different things and I need to organize it in such a way that it doesn’t cause an avalanche of products when I need one of the items. I have become quite good at doing that as well, but it could be that I just am tired of having to clean up the aftermath of the avalanche of products, but it does mean that I am never out of anything but on the same hand I have had to throw somethings out because products do have expiry dates.

Over the years I have become better with this, but I do need to become better at it going forward. It is something that I need to keep learning and changing how I do things because I only need so much at one time.

Its hard to not justify somethings like paper products, tin foil and sandwich bags because they don’t expire, and I am going to use them eventually but when its in the way of other areas in my tiny space it does get annoying when I wish I could be using the space for other reasons or products that I don’t really need.

It is nice to have a stockpile knowing that I am never out and remember when I am at the store to get home but well it is a vicious cycle to get out of and its hard to be stuck without for a day but its not like its not a walk away to get more.

I do try to use what I have and if I have way too much, I try to use it or loose it because I don’t want to have a cluttered home. Just because it’s hidden behind a door doesn’t mean its not there.

I always try to get rid of things and want to make sure that I am using what I have on a regular basis and to go through stuff, so I don’t have to worry about what I have that I don’t remember getting. The worst part is, is when it is free, or a deal and you think you will use it but you never end up doing so but it felt so good at the time. It’s a good thing that I can go through my stuff on a regular basis and can send it to a good home without having to feel guilty about it.

What are your thoughts on stockpiling. Do you stockpile items? Do you think that stockpiling is another form of hording?

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