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How much is to much stuff? Do you have any rules about how much comes in and out of your house? Are you someone who just doesn’t purchase a lot of stuff? Are you someone who wants a lot of things around their home? Are you trying to keep up with anyone you know? Do you purchase a lot of holiday decor? How often do you go through your things in your home? Do you ever donate anything? Is it ever a hassle to get something in your home? How much of a chore is cleaning your home? Are you someone who buys into consumerism and capitalism? Do you have any attachments to things?

I am someone who used to be a packrat, I would just keep things to keep them or for just in case. It was somehow more convenient just to have a lot of stuff around. It maybe from when I was a kid and I lived in a small town and if I was doing anything I wanted all of the supplies at my fingertips. In the city, stores are open a lot later but you don’t always (usually don’t) go out to get the materials that you need to finish the project you improvise with what you have at hand despite the stores being open later and not keeping that much stuff laying around. The point is, if you can go without then then you don’t really need the item in the first place. If you can get it quickly either from around the corner or online then the wait until tomorrow will be worth it, switching projects to wait for better materials is always worth it).

I try to constantly take things out of the home. I find that it is a lot easier to do that in the winter around Christmas when I am already in the giving spirit anyways. I enjoy donating my items and well after a lot of things have left the house it always is like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, the burden of stuff is off of me. I have also lost sleep over having stuff, with everything that is going on, having to reorganize to make thigs fit, bins are overflowing, shelves are bowing due to, too much weight on them, products expire due to not being used, stressing over what goes where and even hiding purchases that I get from the store. At the end of the day I have to remind myself that it is just stuff. I can replace all of it. It would be a burden to replace everything that I own but it would be worth it! What I try to keep in mind, is that if I had 4 hours to pack up my bags and to leave, what would I really gather and bring with me, those things that I am thinking that I would grab are honestly the only things that I actually need in life, everything else is just frills and unnecessary in my home.

Stuff doesn’t really add a lot to your home, your life as a house really is true but how much of a reflection of it do you want to represent it? Cluttercore isn’t something that you should want to aim for as well as something that is complexly empty. Find what works for you. Try to go through your stuff on a yearly bases and see what you can get rid of. Do it in small steps, take everything to the store in sections if you have to. It isn’t what you have, it is what you save. Experiences are more valuable then stuff in your home.


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