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Stuff, Things, Novelties

How much stuff do you have? Are you willing to get rid of more stuff? Are you someone who is constantly getting rid of stuff? Do you have floor to ceiling storage shelves to fit all your items?

How often do you go through your things? Do you ever get rid of things?

I find that when I get rid of a bunch of stuff, that I donate it feels so much better just to get them all out of the house. When I bring things into the home, I find at first it does feel good for a while and then it fades. It is always better to get rid of things then it is to keep them.

I always try and use tricks to encourage me to take things out of the home so that way I can always get things out of the home. I always go through everything on a regular basis so I know where everything is and that way, I can always get rid of things.

I don’t always get rid of stuff right away, but I always have a bag on hand to make sure that when I do donate everything, I know that I won’t have any remorse and that it will always be something that I do want to keep and to give away.

Its weird what we hang on to, as if keeping it, is going to bring out a different outcome. Memories are yours to keep but are not in an item. If necessary, wright things down so you know that you will never forget anything that happens.

I like to use the analogy that if I was going to move away for a few months that what I bring with him is all that I truly ever need in life, everything else can just melt away.

I don’t necessary find that this works all the time, but it does to a certain extent.

How often do you purchase things that you don’t necessarily need but you want in the moment?

Is it hard for you to get rid of things? Do you keep a lot of things in your home? Do you not bring a lot of items into your home? How often do you go through your things to make sure that what you have in your home is exactly what you want?

Are you into novelties items? When you go somewhere special, what type of novelty item do you usually reach for? Would you even purchase a novelty item?

Going though stuff is something in my opinion that should be done on a more regular basis but that is me and is what works for me. I always like to donate things twice a year, so I know that what I have in my home is what I want.

Thing are meant to be used if you are not using then get rid of it. There is no point in having doubles because you can always order or go to the store the next day to replace it.

What do you think of your stuff, things, or novelties.


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