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Take Out

How often do you order take out?

I go for take out almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. I am in a very privileged position where I can go out and get takeout. I do sometimes wish that I would save my money so I could do something nice like get some better clothes or maybe go on a vacation at some point.

Do you consider purchasing your morning coffee or lunch as take out?

I don’t all the time, sometimes that I feel like I need to be purchasing coffee a lot because that is just something that you have to do when it’s not. You don’t have to have coffee everyday and I could just be making a pot when I am at work which is perfectly acceptable. I could even have a thermos of it at my desk if I so chose. Coffee is a drug but I do feel like I need it sometimes.

How often to you cook at home?

Personally I don’t find much joy in cooking, I would rather wash all of the dishes twice over before I get any enjoyment out of cooking.

We do eat from home a lot but it’s not what you would think of it being cooking. I don’t consider oven ready meals to be cooking which is what we have a lot.

Cooking at home really isn’t something that I want to be doing but it is something that I do put up with.

How often do you use oven ready meals? How often do you order in delivery?

I find that in my life I eat take out for lunch, during the work week almost every day and about 1-2 times for dinner. I usually don’t eat breakfast. I never really considered it was take out before for lunch just because I am getting it in the same building where I work but it is something I am purchasing and it really is take out. I spend more then I should on take out. The other aspect of take out is that we have a lot of oven ready foods for dinner. I don’t really think the more nutritious ones are really that nutritious. We don’t really cook here in this household.

Do you think take out can be healthy?

I think it can be but most of the time it is not, just like you can make dinner at home and it is not nutritious at all.

I think that a lot of the time that I don’t do that. I usually order what is not very good for me. Afterall you eat take out several times a week so why not make it deliciously ever time that you do right?

I would rather save money then order take out but sometimes it is the most agreeable option for dinner. If my situation was different I might be saying something different but for right now that should be alright.

Food is fuel whether you get in from your kitchen or someone elses.


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