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Talking to Yourself

Do you ever talk to yourself? Do you find it helpful to talk to yourself? Do you find it therapeutic to talk to yourself? Do you find that you have a problem that you talk to yourself? Do you know anyone who does talk to themselves? Do they have full on conversations with themselves? Have you ever been out and about and saw someone talking to themselves? What you think of the concept of talking to yourself?

I find that I have a problem with talking to myself. I tend to go ‘full on’ and have conversations with myself. I tend to create stories, rehearse, and rehash conversations with myself. I think that if you were to hear me talk to myself you would really wonder what is really going on because the things that I am saying really have no merit and make no sense. They really don’t have any sense at all. Honestly non of the things that I tend to say to myself have or will most likely ever happen in my real life. Sometimes I do get really carried away with what I am saying to myself that I simply can’t let it go and it is hard to move on with my day.

I do tend to think that it does take away from my life because I would just let myself talk for hours but I am not really getting anywhere in my life and I honestly have better things to do. I tend to have to remind myself that I need to let it go before I get let go. This phrase (let it go before I get let go) has many different meanings and levels to me that I really do have to take a minute, step aside myself and really consider its full on meaning when I do find that I get carried away with it.

Sometimes I think that if someone at work or my husband was really listening to me and what I was saying that they would get an odd perspective of me what my opinions and is really going on in my life.

The truth is, is that nothing of what I am saying is true, but it has given me some really great story ideas. Would you be interested in reading any of these stories?

Sometimes I find that talking things out verbally can be helpful but most of the time I find that talking to someone is more useful as they can give me an opinion and get me out of the head space that I am in and can really help me!

At the end of the day, talking to myself can be helpful but talking to someone, no matter who it is, is really the most helpful thing that I can do.

If you do talk to yourself, do you find it to be helpful? Do you find it to be a problem where you need to stop doing it? Is it something that you will ever start to do?


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