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Is adding to my TBR constantly a good thing?

I finished a book this week and almost finished a second one but mainly what I ended up doing is putting all my library withdrawal books together.

I am very much from what I can put together is a mood reader. I have put all my books together that I want to read. Now all the books that I am wanting to read are books that are withdrawal books from the library but that I want to read and then unhaul at the end of the day. All of these books are from the library’s bookstore.

I received a lot of books by Lisa Jewell from the bookstore and I know that I want them to be used as something other than display items! These books are apparently from the same publisher as my Jennifer Weirner books, so it is good that I have put them together as a display piece. I have been excited to see them together and I want to be working my way through them over the next few months.

Now all the books that I have on display that are my TBR are books that I am going to donate to mini libraries later, after I have read them. Now if I don’t want to read all of them or any of them that is OK with me because I know that it is something that I have and I didn’t pay very much for them, so I am OK with spending a few dollars on them and throwing them away when they have served their purpose to me.

It is always good and exciting to be able to get a new display going. I have one more Book of the Month book to read which I know that I will be able to finish by the end of next week which is good.

I finished reading Everyone Here Is Lying by Shari Lapena, not to say it isn’t good at all, but I feel that None of This is True by Lisa Jewell was so much better. Because I thought None of this is True was so much better, I picked up the rest of Lisa Jewell books from the library bookstore which was a super bonus because I wasn’t expecting for them all to be there.

The library bookstore (Friends of the Library Bookstore) has some Mary Kay Andrew novels that I can get as well as some Elin Hilderbrand books. Now I haven’t read anything by these authors, it’s just more so that they are there at the bookstore for cheap and I can get more than just one book by this author so I can test them out as an author and compare them to themselves. Its like I know that I will most likely like every Taylor Jenkins Reid book and well at first, I liked Colleen Hoover as an author but now I am 50/50 on them because a lot of them have traces of Stockholm syndrome in them which I am not a fan of really but they are short enough to read all within a day so that is saying something. It’s just more so that I kind of want to get a few more authors to compare and contrast to other than just the 2 that I already have. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying that it’s more about the author than the books themselves.

I guess should I just be getting books to get books? Or should I just get books for my TBR display area? I mean I need something to shoot my videos against, right?!?!

Well, I do have an actual digital library to get through as well which is saying. I guess what I am trying to get at is that I don’t want to be a maximalist when it comes to books, but I don’t want to get some books to just not care about them in a few months you know and then unhaul them especially when I can be saving my money.

Is adding to my TBR constantly a good thing?

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