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The Fantasy Self

I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist or an essentialist, but I am constantly working on being on. I am trying to get rid of stuff on a regular. If I am not using it then I want and know that I should be getting rid of it. If I haven’t used it in the last six months or frankly a year, then I should get rid of it. If I haven’t used it in the last two years, then yes for sure there is no reason why I should have it at all.

One of the reasons why I like the Christmas season so much is that I find that it is a lot easier to get rid of things because I am already in the giving spirit, and I am giving away gifts to friends and family so I can easily gift things away to them. Sometimes I must hold back and realize that some of the things are actual trash and that I need to give them away which is ok within itself.

Sometimes I purchase things and keep them because I like to think that I enjoy doing them. For example, I fancy myself a writer and I like to journal. But I live in a digital world, and I am technically a millennial, so I like to type things out. Yes, sometimes I do like the tactielness of having a journal, but I do have paper laying around to do so, so I don’t need to have notebooks or journals around. So, my fantasy self is someone who writes or keeps a handwritten journal when honestly that really isn’t me. I can sit at my computer and type out things for hours but to sit and to write really isn’t me today in this moment in time and hasn’t been me in a long time. It could be me at one point in the future, but it really isn’t me know.

This is something that I need to be working on, it is hard to not purchase notebooks and coloured pens, but I just no longer have the patients to sit down and to handwrite something. I ma not a drawer but I do like to colour but I do have coloured pencils and crayons to do so.

Really the fantasy self is something that you wish you would do or get back into, but it isn’t something that you are today or will be soon. Don’t be holding onto anything that will be keeping you in this position. Let yourself let go and onto something new.

Let yourself be in the current moment and be able to do what they want to be doing and to not be something that you are not, you can change from the past and what worked for you in the past will not work for you now and that is ok. Change is good. You can always change and do what you need to do what needs to be done.

Be your actual self and not your fantasy self.


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