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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby came out in 2013 staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher and Carey Mulligan. The movie is based on a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, another movie based on a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which was released in 2008. The Great Gatsby was directed by Baz Luhrman.

The concept of the movie is that a young man who is a writing and a wall street trader needs to get away for a little bit so he takes a vacation to Rhode Island. While there he is staying at a small cottage. Next door is a millionaire Jay Gatsby. Every weekend Gatsby has these lavish parties that the entire New York City seems to come to, a party for the elite. Nick Carraway, the young writer, gets an invitation one night to come to the party. When he arrives he asks around for Gatsby and finds out that he is the only one who has received an invitation to this party. Once he finds Gatsby, he is just taken away by his presence.

Over time Carraway gets to know Gatsby. The story is being narrated by Carraway, it at times pulls away from the actual story and goes to the future were Carraway is seeing a psychologist who gives him the idea to write a story about Gatsby, where no one has to see it but just write it to write it, so Carraway does.

Carraway has a cousin named Daisy, Daisy used to know Gatsby, they were lovers before Gatsby went to fight in the war. When Gatsby came back from the way, Daisy had married Tom Buchanan. Carraway has Daisy over for tea one day as a coo to have her meet Gatsby again. That day the three of them have wonderful day together that Carraway never forgets.

As it turns out Gatsby has these lavish parties every weekend in the hopes that Daisy would come one time but she never did. After the afternoon tea Gatsby had with Daisy he invited her and Tom to a party that weekend.

A few days later Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Carraway along with some other friends were hanging out, when it was time to call it an evening the group split up to go home. Gatsby and Daisy went together in Gatsby’s car. Gatsby let Daisy drive. Along the way back to Gatsby house, Daisy ended up hitting a woman who ran out into the street and ended up Killing her. This woman was having an affair with Tom and was running away from her husband who had gotten angry with her and thought that Tom was in the car that Gatsby and Daisy were in.

After this Gatsby became reclusive, fired a lot of his staff and put an end to the lavish parties. A few days later the woman who died husband comes to the Gatsby’s house and killed him then killed himself.

After Gatsby’s death the news made Gatsby seem like a horrible made who was also a murder. Carraway was the only one who really knew the truth of the situation and Gatsby, which is why Carraway decided to write the story about the great Gatsby himself. The sad part is, is that no one who came to the lavish parties ended up coming to Gatsby funeral.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. If you have not watched this movie yet then I highly suggest that you do. I have also read the book and not because I had to in school either. The book is definitely better then the movie but the movie is still pretty good. I would suggest this movie and book to your must watch and read list!


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