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The Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen Book Club came out in 2007 and it is a wonderful movie. The movie stars Kathy Baker, Hugh Bancy, Amy Brenneman, Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, and Maggie Grace.

The movie centers around a group of friends who are interested in starting a book club revolving around reading all the Jane Austen books. Due to their only being six books the club must have six members. One of the friends meets a gentleman and asks him as a friend to join the club and he does dispite her thinking that he wouldn’t join in.

Grigg who is a bit of a try hard decides to buy the volume of the books that has 100% of the books in one bound volume who the other girls initially make fun of him because he thinks that each book is a sequel to the other one and not independent books. Each of the ladies has different publications of each book which means that although they are reading the same book it is a slightly different rendition.

Each of the friends are going through something in their lives and it turns out that each of them can relate to one of the books.

Initially the gentleman, Grigg, was invited to come into the book club for another friend, Sylvia, who recently got a divorce, and she needs to get her mind taken off the fact that she is starting her new life. Grigg like Jocelyn though but Jocelyn just wants Grigg to focus on Sylvia as she is to be focused on her dogs and she is a someone who has show dogs and has no time for men. By the end of the movie Grigg and Jocelyn get together. Sylvia eventually makes up with her husband and all the other characters find ways to rekindle or to find love in their own life’s.

Ultimately, the movie is a feel-good movie that makes you feel good by the end.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Of course. I have never read a Jane Austen book before, and I don’t think I will but I am interested just in reading them to read them but there is a potential in the future to do so.

Would I watch this movie again? Yeah, I think so.

No matter what you think about Jane Austen it is a feel-good movie that I would suggest for everyone to watch at least once.


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