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The Language You Use

Language is very important, why more important than what you may think. What you say to yourself and about others does matter and could affect someone more then what you were originally intending to affect them.

I once watched a video where the speaker encouraged the audience to take five words out of their vocabulary and to insert five new words. If you can’t do five, then just do one and that you will notice a huge difference of how just one word can change how you speak to others.

I didn’t think that this would be a huge issue until it was, and I made the change itself.

Someone once told me that they don’t swear at all because they don’t see the need or the purpose of it and when they or were made to swear how people just got excited for them and make it a bigger deal then what it was then what it was. Ultimately, they didn’t think that it was a huge deal to swear and didn’t think that it added to the conversation, so they didn’t swear at all or not really. Which is something that I never really thought about and swearing doesn’t really add to the conversation especially when you are angry.

I feel that when you talk to your parents, grandparents, different friends, and kids you always use different language and that you don’t swear at all but what if you unified it all and that you just talked the same way to all people and didn’t swear or use harsh language at all?

There are some words that part of the ‘common nomenclature’ that is used on a regular basis like using the words ‘God’, ‘Gods’, ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ’ as swear words. What I would like to make note of is that if you are not religious in any ways then why are you using religious words? They really have no value to you as you are not religious and therefore, they have no meaning. You are essentially saying words as an act of angry or exasperation, but they have no meaning in my opinion if you don’t believe that they existed in the first place.

You can use what ever words that you want but make sure that they have meaning and value and that you are using them appropriately. If you are going to use words to express yourself in a positive or negative way, really try to make sure that they are appropriate and correct to what you are feeling and want to express. Language is part of how people see you as a person so choose them wisely!


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