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The Lost City

The Lost City came out in 2022 starting Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe.

The movie is about a romance author named Loretta has a very popular series where every cover on her books as the same model named Alan. Her publisher has set up a book tour for her and Alan. Loretta isn’t very interested in it. Ever since her husband died, she finds it hard to get out of the house and really start living her life.

When Loretta arrives at the first stop at the book tour, she ends up leaving early because she no longer wants to be there and is finding it not worth her time to really be there.

She leaves and Alan was talking to her on the way out but doesn’t follow her out and feels like he needs to apologize to her for what he said to her. When Alan comes out to apologize to Loretta, he shows up just in time to see Loretta been driven off by two goons

Loretta gets driven to a warehouse that Abigail Fairfax has. Abigail, who is a guy, wants a Loretta to translate an ancient script for him because he feels that there is great treasure, and he wants it. The problem is, is that where the treasure is, there is a volcano that is about to erupt.

Once on the island the lost city of D, which happens to be the title of Loretta’s last book, has appeared. The lost city has appeared because the volcano erupting, it is making the changes to the environment.

Loretta is instructed to let Abigail know what the last found scripture is about.

Alan feels responsible for Loretta being taken so he set out to be the hero that he is on the cover of.

Alan contacts someone named Jack Trainer who was on a mediation retreat with him and is a ex-navy seal. Alan and Jack go to this island to rescue Loretta. Just as they get Loretta, Jack ends up dying from one of Abigail’s hunch men.

Alan does what he can and gets Loretta to safety. They walk throughout the jungle of the island getting closer and really getting to know each other. They eventually make it a small village where they can get some help and get cleaned up. The thing is that the police work for Abigail and Abigail eventually comes and gets Alan and Loretta to have Loretta take him to where the treasure is hidden which Loretta has finished solving due to the journey through the jungle as well as with some help from a woman in town.

Loretta leads everyone to a specific part in the jungle and through a small tunnel she leads them to where the king and queen were laid to rest. The best part is that there is no treasure. The translation was very literal, the king gave the queen a seashell everyday that was ruby red to show is love for her. When he died, the queen had the temple made for him and she died holding him.

Everyone does get back to safety due to the thanks of Loretta’s publisher who decided to come out to rescue them.

Abigail does go to jail and Loretta and Alan get together.

It is a very cute movie. Would I suggest this movie? Sure, it is very cute. Would I watch it again? Yes, I will.


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