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The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections came out in 2021 staring Keanu reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

This reboot starts off with lots of familiarity from the first matrix movie. There is a lot of call backs to the first one, especially some of the same dialog.

The movie starts out as if what happened was really a video game and Thomas Anderson or Neo never woke up from the matrix but just had a mental break down and now that he is taking the blue pill to help him stay within the matrix itself. Now the video games did exist outside of the movies although I never played them.

Neo thinks that what is happening is just happening within his mind that he just programmed a video game and that he really didn’t save the world. Neo is having an existential crisis has he is having trouble differential fiction from reality. Mr. Anderson is seeing a therapist trying to help me differentiate between a virtual reality called the matrix and the matrix. Part of Mr. Anderson’s breakdown was that he tried to commit suicide which is how he started seeing a therapist and started taking the blue pill.

The movie does take place 20 years down the road which is very true and that the machines have changed Neo’s DSI so that no one would recognize him and partly because Neo didn’t want to be found.

Neo takes the red pill, given to him by Morpheus and he starts the journey again even with things being explained to him in the construct.

Zion has fallen but a new place has been created called IO that was created by the free and the digital technology. Jada Pinkett-Smith is back reprising her roll as Niobe.

Neo decides that he is going to leave IO to help Morpheus break Trinity out of the matrix as well. That is right Trinity is alive but, in the matrix, she is known as Tiffany and is married with kids but has an instant connection Neo. In the matrix Tiffany has an affinity for motorcycles which does reflect Trinity as a character outside of the matrix.

How the get from the real world to the matrix is digitally instead of a telephone line so they come through a mirror or a reflective surface instead of through a phone.


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