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The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us came out in 2017 starting Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. The movie is really a bottle neck, it doesn’t have to many cast members as well as it is really an isolated shoot, you would almost thing that it took place during COVID-19.

The movie is about two strangers who are trying to get back to Denver for two completely different reasons. Kate is trying to get back to go to her wedding and Ben is needing to get to the hospital to do a heart surgery for a kid.

Due to the incoming storm all flights have been canceled. Alex decides to approach Ben and tells him that she thinks that she was a way home by chartering a pilot to take them to Devour.

The pilot has six-seater plane and agrees to take the two to Denver for $800. They decide to take him up on this offer.

The pilot is overly confident and thinks that he doesn’t need to submit a flight plane and that they will beat the storm and that because they are a smaller plane, they can get there quicker then the storm will meet them.

Once up in the air, the pilot starts to have a stroke and the storm that was coming has moved towards them. As the pilot is trying to warm the tower of his situation, he ends up dying and the plane crashes.

Ben is the first to wake up after the crash and can assess their current situation in the dark and is able to fix Alex before going to sleep for the rest of the night.

In the morning Ben is better able to assess what is happening. Alex has an injured leg and is still unconscious and stays that way for two days.

Ben barriers the pilot and as a doctor can help Alex a lot.

Once Alex is awake there is a lot of debate as to what they are going to do, do they stat at the crash site where they know that they have shelter and food, or do they move and try to get help as well try to find the tale of the ship to make sure its beacon is going off. After much debate they diced to stay there but first thing in the morning Alex decides to leave as she isn’t someone who can just stay there, she is a bit reckless that way.

Ben doesn’t want to follow her but knows that is the only way that Alex will survive alone out there is if they are together. After much struggle he ends up following her.

The two of them end up walking for a few days. Alex is a photographer and at one point sees a reflection with her lens in the distance but doesn’t know if it reflected water, the sun on some size or something off a window but it is something. They end up going towards those directions as it is the only thing that they are having going for them at that point. After much struggle they end up finding the cabin that it was.

A storm comes luckily after they find the cabin, so they end up waiting it out while they are there.

Once it is safe to leave, they do but Ben gets his foot stuck in a bear track and Alex can’t get his feet out, but they are super close to a logging site, so Alex must stumble to the logging site to get help for her and Ben.

Ben and Alex both get help from the hospital, and they are very lucky to have made it.

Ben loves Alex and is about to tell her that when Mark, Alex’s finance comes in and helps her out.

After this they both go back to their own separate lives.

They meet up for coffee to catch up. Alex confesses that she didn’t get married to Mark and that they are no longer together as well as when they were on the mountain, she really did love him and not just because it was the two of them. Ben loves her to and would take her as it, but Alex doesn’t want to commit.

As they walk away from each other from the restaurant they both break down and start to cry, turn around and run back into each other’s arms. This is how the movies ends. It is very heart warming.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, it is very heart felt.

Would I watch this movie again? Yeah, I like to think so.


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