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The Polar Express

The Polar Express came out in 2004 staring Tom Hanks, Chris Coppola, Nona Gaye and Josh Hucherson.

The movie is based upon the book written by Chris Van Allsburg. Chris Van Allsburg also wrote Zuthoria and Jumanji.

The movie is all about believing in Santa and going to the north pole.

A young boy is having a crisis of whether or not Santa actual exists or not. The Polar Express, a train, happens to stop at his home on Christmas Eve and ends up taking him to the north pole to see Santa.

Along the way he does make a few new friends. Once he is at the North Pole him and his two friends went up going on a journey to get to the main centre of the north pole village to see Santa. Eventually they get there with the help of Santa’s elves.

Once at the centre of the village you see Santa’s sleigh and the big bag of toys that are going to be delivered that night. The reindeer get hooked up to Santa’s sleight and then the rains get attached. The reins have bells on them but the boy can’t hear them ring. One of the bells falls off the rains and lands at his feet. He picks it up to listen to it, but he can’t hear it. He then tells himself that he believes then shakes the bell and can finally hear it ring at that moment Santa comes up to him and asks him what he had said. The boy initially stutters then says that he believes, Santa responds with a jolly laugh.

This boy gets invited up to Santa’s sleigh to receive the first gift of Christmas. He asks for the bell that fell of the reins of the sleigh. He is given it.

Then Santa takes off to deliver all the presents that he has. Then all the kids get back on the Polar Express back home. Once on the train, the other kids ask to see the bell, but the boy had lost it. He put the bell in his house coat pocket that had a hole in it. The pocket got the hole when the boy was in a rush to get outside to see what the Polar Express was. The boy is very sad that he had lost the bell. The boy does make it home safe and sound though.

On Christmas morning though he opens all of his gifts and his sister hands him a small box and he opens it, and it is the bell with a note from Santa to fix the hole in his pocket.


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