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The Way that you Eat

Is they way that you eat really important? Is it what you eat that matters more? Is it more so if you take bigger bites or smaller ones? If you have to use a napkin or not? If you finished what is on your plate or not? Is it the speed in which that you eat that matters more? Does it matter if you are a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan that matters? What if you were a plant-based eater?

I think that what ever way you eat, let it be true to you.

I find that when I eat I scarf down my food, I don’t really chew I guess inhaling my food is a better way to put it. I don’t take the time to really taste or enjoy the food that I eat. I spend so much time eating that I don’t actually think about the nourishment that it is giving me. I also eat a lot of food that is considered to be bad for me as well like sugar, sugar and more sugar.

After I am done eating I find that because I ate so quickly that I am more hungry and I feel like I could go for seconds even though I don’t want to or need to because my portion size the first time was so large to begin with. I find that I end up taking such big bits that I need to be eating with a napkin to keep my face clean. I think I need to realize that no one is going to take my food away dispite the big portion that I may have (and don’t need, it is ok if I end up taking some for lunch the next day or that some of it is food waste), and to eat it slower with smaller bites so when I am finished I feel full, the amount of full that is equal to the amount of food that I just ate and that it isn’t all over my face either. I should also keep in mind that I should be bringing the food to me versus me going to the food myself. If the bite sized piece is so big that it is going to fall off the utensil before it reaches my face then I should be taking a smaller bite.

They way that you eat is like a dance, people judge you on how you eat a lot when you are out, I think it really doesn’t say a lot about you. Haters are going to hate that is for sure but you don’t want to slop on your clothes or make a mess do you?

You must find the way that works best for you to eat. Be sure to be able to eat the way that you want to eat. Find a way to eat that makes you happen and satisfied at the end of the day as it is the one thing that you must do multiple times a day!

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