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To Do or Not to Do

How important is it to do something with your day? How important is it to set goals? Is it ok to sit in front o the TV every Saturday and Sunday and watch TV all day and night? Do I really have to do anything with myself? How important is it to really push yourself to do something with your day or life? Do you really have to do anything?

Could I just sit here and do nothing all the time? Do I have to be productive after I get home from work? Can I just do whatever I want without having to do anything?

I like going roller skating, but it is a lot of effort getting ready, getting out the door and to the arena. I like how it makes me feel and I like to get out of the house, and I feel wonderful after I have gone but it is sometimes hard to get out of the house and to do it.

I also like going out for walks and I prefer the cold weather or the warm weather but it’s getting off the couch that is really the hard part.

After watching a YouTube video of Ronald L. Banks, I realized that the one thing that is keeping you miserable in life is just doing nothing, the lack of getting up and doing anything. If I don’t want to get anywhere in life or have something happen to me then the best thing I should do is to just sit around and do nothing. Another YouTuber by the name of Joey Sschweitzer has done a similar video to it was well. Joey has also done a video on perspective essentially saying (but there is more to it, you should go get it out on YouTube) that there are two different types of lotus’s of control where you either think that you are the change that happens in the world or the world happens to you almost like the victim card, that nothing is very really your fault at all and there is really nothing you can do to change any of it.

The point that I am trying to get at is that you must do something about your situation, change is hard and takes time, but you can be the change that you want to be. You can do what you want. You can solve all your own problems. You don’t want to be that person. At the end of the day if everyone thinks that it is you, maybe it really is you and you should do something about it. Try to best to not be that person.

Now get up and do something, anything just something!


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