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Today's Dippit!


"The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith."

Billy Graham


A police officer just knocked on my door and told me my dogs are chasing people on bikes. That’s ridiculous. My dogs don’t even own bikes

Fun Fact

Researches have found that flossing your teeth can help your memory. Flossing prevents gum disease, which prevents stiff blood vessels, which cause memory issues.

History Fact

From West to East

Lord Cornwallis, a general famous for leading the British Army in what became the United States during the American Revolution, was named Governor-General of India after the war. He died in the city of Ghazipur and is buried there in a tomb overlooking the Ganges River.

Movie/TV Trivia

Robert De Niro paid a dentist to ruin his teeth

In Cape Fear, Robert De Niro played Max Cady, a sadistic sex offender who vows revenge on his former attorney (portrayed by Nick Nolte).

In order to get an authentic look for the movie, De Niro decided to take things to the extreme by paying a dentist $5,000 to intentionally mess up his teeth. He then had to fork out another $20,000 for his teeth to be fixed afterwards.

That’s a good chunk of his pay check on dental work alone!

That wasn’t the only film prep De Niro did for the shoot. He hit the gym hard several months before filming began and reportedly brought his total body fat down to only three percent. Wow! Talk about dedication.

The actor also used to regularly call veteran director Martin Scorsese’s home and leave voicemails in Cady’s thick accent because he knew that Scorsese hated the voice.

Fortunately for De Niro, he and Scorsese are good friends so the director got over it in the end!

Movie/TV Quote

"Hello, gorgeous."

Funny Girl, 1968

Conversation Starter

What’s your idea of a perfect playground?

Writing Prompt


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