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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living."

Steven Spielberg

Joke of the Day

How do you talk to a giant?

Use big words!

Fun Fact

There are only two countries with names that begin with "The."

You might find yourself saying "the" before various countries and place names when referring to them thanks to grammar and common pronunciation, which is why we say the United States or the Maldives. However, only The Gambia and The Bahamas formally include "the" in their nation's names.

History Fact

Shakespeare gave us what many see as the perfection of the English sonnet, dozens of new words and phrases that we still use today, and a lasting oeuvre of work that we’re forced to study in high school. He also, in his infinite wisdom, gave us one of the very first ancestors of the “yo mamma” joke:

Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?

Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.

Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.

Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.


Movie/TV Trivia

When Clue was released to theaters, each theater got one of three possible endings.

Movie/TV Quote

"Man, fuck Jesse Jackson!"

Barbershop (2002)

Conversation Starter

Are you a jealous person?

Writing Prompt

Weird Laws


Hope you’re not traveling through the state by train, because you’ll need to do that sober. If you want to be tipsy on a train, you’ll just have to wait till you’re back in some other state that cares less about these things.


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