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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."

Abraham Lincoln

Joke of the Day

My dad farted in an elevator, it was wrong on so many levels

Fun Fact

The hottest chili pepper in the world is so hot it could kill you.

The "weapons-grade" Dragon's Breath chili pepper is so hot it's downright deadly. If you ate one, it could potentially cause a type of anaphylactic shock, burning the airways and closing them up.

"I've tried it on the tip of my tongue and it just burned and burned," said Mike Smith, the hobby grower who invented the Dragon's Breath along with scientists from Nottingham University. So why make such an impractical pepper? As it turns out, the chili was initially developed to be used in medical treatment as an anesthetic that can numb the skin.

History Fact

There were female Gladiators.

A female gladiator was called a Gladiatrix, or Gladiatrices (plural). They were rarer than their male counterparts.

Gladiatrices served the same purpose of executing criminals, fighting each other and fighting animals in Rome’s various fighting pits.

Movie/TV Trivia

Marla Singer’s line of “I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school” in Fight Club was an alternative to the line “I want to have your abortion”. Head of Fox 2000, Laura Ziskin, said David Fincher could have any line but the original. Hating the new line even more, she still stood by her promise.

Movie/TV Quote

"As if!"

Clueless, 1995

Conversation Starter

What do I do that comforts you the most?

Writing Prompt

Weird Laws

Nebraska: No marriage if you have VD

Technically, no person afflicted with a venereal disease may get married in Nebraska. Meanwhile, state officials are still unable to get a green-light for their new TV show, Law And Order: VDU.

Food Thing

The tea bag was created by accident, as tea bags were originally sent as samples.


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