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Today's Dippit!


"Action is the foundational key to all success."

Pablo Picasso


I wish people would stop asking me where I think I'm going to be in 1 years, I don't have 2020 vision.

Fun Fact

While trying to find a cure for AIDS, the Mayo Clinic made glow in the dark cats.

This is due to their use a specific protein that was fluorescent green.

They used this protein to find out if their tests worked: if the animal glowed, the outcome was successful.

History Fact

Lyndon B. Johnson Gave Interviews From the Bathroom

This, for lack of a better word, unapologetic president gave interviews while using the toilet. Presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin describes the impetus: "he just didn't want the conversation to stop."

Movie/TV Trivia

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Tilda Swinton spent five hours in the makeup chair to play 84-year-old dowager Madame D. "We're not usually working with a vast, Bruckheimer-type budget on my films, so often we're trying a work-around," said Wes Anderson. "But for the old-age makeup I just said, 'Let's get the most expensive people we can'."

Movie/TV Quote

"I have such doubts!"

Doubt (2008)

There's a specific kind of endorphin rush you get when one of the characters in a movie says the TITLE of the movie IN the movie. In Doubt, this happens at least three times, maybe 10, maybe 100, starting with the first scene. But it's the last scene, the fraught, melodramatic conclusion, that contains its single best line, whispered with great feeling by Meryl Streep. It comes after Meryl and Amy Adams oust a priest from their school who they think has been abusing young boys, but no one ever saw any actual proof, so there's still a tiny chance, in Meryl's character's mind, that he never did anything. But that's not important. You don't even need to have seen the movie to know how to wield this line in any social situation that requires an appropriately distressed Streep impression.

Conversation Starter

Where do you spend most of your free time / day?

Writing Prompt


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