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Today's Dippit!


"Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil."

J. Paul Getty


My room mates are concerned that I'm using their kitchen utensils, but that's a whisk I'm willing to take.

Fun Fact

Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine.

Because the temperature in the Antarctic is well below zero, the urine can’t evaporate and just combines with the glaciers.

History Fact

President Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame

Before the 16th president took office, Abraham Lincoln was declared a wrestling champion. The 6'4" president had only one loss among his around 300 contests. He earned a reputation for this in New Salem, Illinois, as an elite fighter. Eventually, he earned his county's wrestling championship.

Movie/TV Trivia

Pulp Fiction

The shot of Vincent plunging the syringe into Mia's chest was filmed by having John Travolta pull the needle out, then running the film backwards. Watch carefully and you'll see a mark on Mia's chest disappear when she's revived.

Movie/TV Quote

"You gonna eat your tots?"

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

No one expected the world to embrace the odd patch of Idaho that birthed Napoleon Dynamite and his friend Pedro, but boy, did it ever. Made on a budget of around $400,000, the film wound up grossing more than $46 million, which is what they call a "hit" in the movie business. Like so many other movies featured on this list, Napoleon Dynamite wasn't just popular, but a lexical phenomenon that helped return to common use non-profanities like "Heck yes!" and "Gosh!", and introduced solecisms like pronouncing both L's in "quesadilla." In a script packed with enough one-liners to spawn a T-shirt cottage industry, "you gonna eat your tots?" is the quote that best sums up Napoleon Dynamite's bizarre charm. Napoleon's brazenness and social ineptitude capture the uncomfortable feeling of being a high school outcast desperate for attention, but the scene goes beyond what most people can relate to when he stuffs Pedro's tots in the side pocket of his zip-up cargo pants. It's a moment of Dada logic in a film that had so many people asking, "What the hell is this?" and answering themselves, "I don't know, but it's really funny."

Conversation Starter

How often do you stay up past 3 a.m.?

Writing Prompt


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