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Today's Dippit!


"Poor folks have neither any kindred nor any friends."

Italian proverb


My friend was annoying me with bird puns but toucan play this game.

Fun Fact

George W. Bush was once a cheerleader.


Bush was a cheerleader in High School, and continued to be one while he attended Yale.

In high school, he was even promoted to head cheerleader!

Reading Fact

The Klencke Atlas is one of the biggest books.

The Klencke Atlas is one of the largest books on Earth. Moreover, The Klencke Atlas is a unique work without other copies, the book measures 1.75 meters tall, and 1.90 meters wide when it is open. Consequently, it is so heavy that almost 6 to 7 people need to carry the book.

History Fact

And Don’t Forget to Floss

Pour out another one for ancient dental hygiene: in ancient Rome, it was totally normal to use urine as mouthwash. At least they were trying to use mouthwash?

Movie/TV Trivia

Author Peter Benchley plays the role of a TV reporter in Jaws. Benchley was reportedly thrown off set after continually arguing with Spielberg about the film’s ending.

Movie/TV Quote

"Not quite my tempo."

Whiplash (2014)

J.K. Simmons' ruthless jazz conductor Terence Fletcher seethes variations of "not my tempo" throughout Whiplash, but the scene where he grills Miles Teller's first-year drummer Andrew Neiman if he's rushing or dragging behind the kit while rehearsing the title track, "Whiplash," is the movie's most iconic instance. Anyone who's played in school bands can relate on some level to Fletcher's sociopathic motivational techniques designed to frighten his conservatory kids into nailing their repertoire -- a drummer friend who put himself through music school and now teaches lessons relayed a story about a professor who would notoriously curse out freshman who showed up to rehearsal unprepared. Watching Simmons embody one of those types of band leaders is both exhilarating and horrifying. Am I laughing because this scene is funny, or am I laughing because I'm scared?? Either way, it's effective.

Conversation Starter

How have TV shows changed over the years?

Writing Prompt


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