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Today's Dippit!


"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life."


A scarecrow with a PhD is outstanding in his field.

Fun Fact

In total, there are 205 bones in the skeleton of a horse.


Even though they are much greater in size to humans (we have 206), horses have just about the same number of bones in their skeleton as we do!

Reading Fact

The largest book in the world is 5 meters x 8.06 meters.

The largest book in the world according to the Guinness World Record is 5 meters x 8.06 meters (16.40 ft x 26.44 ft) and weighs about 1500 kg (3.306 lb) with 429 pages. Furthermore, the book was unveiled on February 27, 2012, by Mshahed International Group in Dubai, UAE with over 50 people who participated in the construction and it was entitled ‘This the Prophet Mohamed’. And finally, the main objective of the book is to provide a compilation of stories highlighting the lifetime achievements of Islam’s Prophet.

History Fact

Tea Time

During the Victorian period, many tea cups had special guards on the top to keep mens’ mustaches from becoming dipped in the tea. Fittingly, they were called mustache cups.

Movie/TV Trivia

Fight Club and Choke author Chuck Palahnuik can be glimpsed ever so briefly in the final scene of the latter. He’s sitting next to Sam Rockwell on the plane.

Movie/TV Quote


Cast Away (2000)

For a long time, any beach-, summer-, or water-related activity was likely punctuated with your loudest friend shouting, "Wilson!" The still-recognizable bit from Robert Zemeckis' Cast Away is the survival epic's most unforgettable scene: the slow disappearance of Chuck Noland's (Tom Hanks) sole friend, a volleyball named Wilson. Largely because he is a volleyball with a bloody handprint for a face, the scene and Hanks' dramatic pleas became instantly memorable… and, for better or worse, the subject of many spoofs, despite the film's critical acclaim. In context, though, it gets at the raw emotion of the human need for companionship, one of the essential drives that makes us human. Hanks moves from desperation and sorrow to sheer guilt ("I'm sorry, Wilson!") and grief, which is part of what helped garner Hanks a Best Actor nomination at the 2001 Academy Awards. It may be just a funny line in retrospect, but nobody else can emote over a volleyball like Hanks. Wilson's death goes down in one of cinema's most tragic, and we mourn him just the same.

Conversation Starter

What’s the best sitcom past or present?

Writing Prompt


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