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Today's Dippit!


“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little nameless, unencumbered acts of kindness and of love.”



I'll call you later. Don't call me later, call me Dad!

Fun Fact

Fact: McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli


This interesting fact will have your taste buds crawling. Unsurprisingly, the attempt to get kids to eat healthier didn’t go over well with the child testers, who were “confused by the taste.” Find out which countries have banned McDonald’s.

Reading Fact

The first-ever “Harry Potter” was a short story published in communist Poland in 1972.

The boy who lived has, in fact, lived ever since 19 March 1972, when literary magazine Życie Literackie published a short story titled “Harry Potter”. The author – Jan Rostworowski – was a Polish writer and poet who, as a soldier of the Polish Army, spent twenty-eight years in Great Britain.

Rostworowski’s text tells a story of a seventeen-year-old Harry whose life is much more muggle-like than that of his namesake. In fact, his life is rather ordinary – as a shopkeeper, he delivers the original Cracovian sausage and pickles. And in the end – he suddenly vanishes.

History Fact

Old as Ice

Iceland’s Parliament is the oldest in the world, and has been in existence since 930. You do the math, it’s very old.

Movie/TV Trivia

The iconic body and hand in the poster for American Beauty belong to actress/model Chloe Hunter, not Mena Suvari.

Movie/TV Quote

"I have to return some videotapes."

American Psycho (2000)

Mary Harron's adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' savage satire of Reagan-era American capitalism does so much more than capture the brutality and humor of the book. With Christian Bale as the psycho, Patrick Bateman, his extreme aversion to human social interaction takes on a deathly serious tenor as embodied by the line Bateman uses to get out of any situation fast. It's a wholly unbelievable excuse that reveals how little empathy and social awareness Bateman possesses, especially when he uses it as an alibi and immediately following a claim that he's "in touch with humanity." Nearly 20 years after the movie came out and ages since videotapes were supplanted by other media, "I have to return some videotapes" still reigns as the absurd rejoinder that shows just how little regard you have for the person you're talking to. Try it out the next time you're breaking up with someone, or are being questioned regarding a coworker's suspicious disappearance.

Conversation Starter

Do you experience phantom vibration? (Feeling your phone vibrate even though it didn’t.)

Writing Prompt


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