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Today's Dippit!


“We should remember that just as a positive outlook on life can promote good health, so can everyday acts of kindness.”

Hillary Clinton


When life gives you melons, you're dyslexic

Fun Fact

 The television was invented only two years after the invention of sliced bread.

Reading Fact

When Victor Hugo was facing a tight schedule for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, he asked his valet to confiscate his clothes so that he wouldn’t leave the house.

During cold days, Hugo would wrap himself in a blanket while writing. According to his wife, while writing The Hunchback of Notre Dame, he even purchased a “huge grey knitted shawl which swathed him from head to foot, locked his formal clothes away so that he would not be tempted to go out and entered his novel as if it were a prison.”

It took Hugo over half a year of nonstop work to finish the three-volume novel. 

History Fact

It was named the Colosseum because it was next to a statue called the Colossus.


It was originally known as the Amphitheatrum Flavium, or Flavian Amphitheatre, as it was constructed during the Flavian dynasty.

Residents of Rome nicknamed it the Colosseo.

This was due to the fact that it was built next to a 164-foot statue of Emperor Nero known as “the colossus of Nero”.

Movie/TV Trivia

The cake in Sixteen Candles is cardboard.

Movie/TV Quote

"Rock stars have kidnapped my son!"

Almost Famous (2000)

Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical screenplay about a 15-year-old writer embedded with rising stars in the heyday of '70s rock is basically a sacred text for various groups: Journalists, musicians, and the proverbial "uncool." You could pick a moment of quintessential rock douchebaggery: Russell Hammond, high on acid and about to jump off a roof, proclaiming, "I am a golden god." Or Lester Bangs' career advice: "You cannot make friends of the rock stars." But we're going with a curveball. Frances McDormand's performance as William Miller's exasperated mother is borderline underrated given that it's perhaps the least glamorous of the entire film. But all you need to do is watch her stop a lecture to declare, "Rock stars have kidnapped my son," to see what power she has. It's not Crowe's most poetic line, but it's one of his funniest.

Conversation Starter

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