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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"I dwell in possibility."

Emily Dickinson

Joke of the Day

What do you think of that new diner on the moon?

Food was good, but there really wasn’t much atmosphere.

Fun Fact

Mr Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on TV.

History Fact

A singing birthday card has more computer power in it than the entire Allied Army of WWII.

I bet Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt would have killed to get their hands on one of those cards!

The computer chip within them was so powerful by comparison that it would be inconceivable to the leaders of that time how we simply throw them away!

Movie/TV Trivia

Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn failed his driving test eight times.

Movie/TV Quote

"If anyone orders merlot, I'm leaving. I am not drinking any fucking merlot!"

Sideways (2004)

Conversation Starter

Where is a good place to get food around here?

Writing Prompt

Weird Laws


This is devastating, but it’s important that we spread the word before anyone gets in trouble. In Tennessee, you may not use someone else’s Netflix account.


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